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I  think that outer beauty comes from the inside and wellbeing can’t exist without mental and physical harmony.

Working more than 5 years in pharmaceutical industry, I realised that prevention, and creating a harmonious lifestyle is highly important. It’s much better than treating diseases later on. 

Moreover, I saw people taking medicines for all of their problems, but it’s only good for easing the symptoms, but not for terminating the causes. So knowing this it urged me to pay attention to my body and its signs, and taking diet, sport and sickness more seriously. 

After a while, I took an interest in healthy living, and the balance between body and soul. I was intrigued to know the causes of physical symptoms and how to create a personalized diet. It became clear to me that something works for one person, but it’s not sure that it works for the other as well. 

So I aimed to find the real causes instead of stopping the symptoms by taking pills. 

That was the time when I decided to accomplish the health improvement and recreation course at University of Physical Education to understand the causes and symptoms of diseases.

Having worked as a personal trainer I dealt with the practical side of wellbeing most of the time. But during my studies I realised that the real wellbeing is not only based upon the physical but also mental things as well. 

Regarding my passion for tea, it started more than 8 years ago when my husband brought tea leaves from Far East and I had a chance to try them. As he experienced the real tea sessions, he found out that the quality of teas in our country is left behind or at least real teas are hardly accessible. 

Every sipping of tea inspired us to set up a great and premium quality tea brand. Our decision followed by research, tea tasting and testing to find out how these teas affect us. We constantly tasted the various flavours, green teas, oolong teas, herbal or fruit blends and we attended exhibitions, workshops and factories. 

During that time I fell in love with tea and this passion led me to London where I could learn from the most genuine person. So I could learn a lot at World Tea Academy, for instance botany, harvesting, processing and the prepared tea which is consumed throughout the world. 

This is how we created our Gatamo teas, with the aim of reinforcing consuming high quality of teas. Regarding our range of products, one can find mainly blends that we love, but we are about to broadening our sets of teas so everyone can find his calming flavour. 

Every recipe is our own which was anticipated by testing. When we create a recipe, our primary is the harmony of flavours and the premium quality of ingredients. While in ordinary teas there can be found only small pieces of tea leaves, in our teas there are whole pieces of tea leaves, desiccated fruits and herbs. 

During my studies at university and at fitness academy it became clear the health benefits of tea. But tea also supports charging the spiritual battery.

Our other viewpoint during creating recipes was making unique blends while utilizing the benefits of different teas. Besides, it’s highly important to take into consideration the effects of tea on soul and to create teas which will be advised for different emotional states and moods. 

Therefore we have teas which are calming, energizing, moreover this is how we made our pregnancy teas standing out uniquely in Hungary. 

Moreover now we are working on creating new tea blends, which may hopefully surprise our former and new customers. 

I think that outer beauty comes from the inside and wellbeing can’t exist without mental and physical harmony.

We can’t expect from a ‘magic pill’ to give us flawless look, if we don’t have inner harmony, which we would like focus on. 

In order to create inner harmony, we can do a lot of things like taking time for me-time, sipping a cup of hot tea in total tranquility which may effect in a positive way not only on our body but our soul as well. 

We really hope that by drinking our high quality Gatamo tea it may contribute to create a physical and spiritual harmony inside and out for our customer.